Last year (2021) I introduced higher priced earrings along with my regular $15 earrings. Higher priced meant I used better quality gemstones and pearls. I learned shoppers were willing to pay higher prices for these earrings, especially anything made with pearls.

So I will be adding earrings to my online store. Many will be made with pearls, one of my favorites too! I took photos today and will slowly add them to the website under "EARRINGS".

I will also be offering earwire options. At craft shows I offer sterling silver leverbacks, sterling silver posts and non-allergenic earwires. And I carry pliers with me so I can quickly make the change to different earwires.ย 

I have been asked if I have clipback earrings for those who do not have pierced ears. Since I do not carry clipbacks, I have lost potential sales. I now have clipback earrings to add to the mix at craft shows. And that option will be available online too!

What is your favorite combination of earrings with pearls? Let me know and you may find a listing for these earrings!

Until next time...............