About - Pink Daffodil Jewelry

Jewelry artisan who loves mixing vintage and new beads in my designs.

After my daughter had her birthday party at a bead shop, she asked me if "we" can make our own jewelry and sell it at craft fairs. We purchased inexpensive beads to work with. She quickly got bored, I did not. My new hobby took off. I took classes, read articles on-line and learned from my mistakes.

In addition to purchasing quality beads online, I began to frequent tag sales and flea markets, hunting for vintage jewelry that can be recycled into new creations when combined with my bead stash. I also began to reuse vintage brooches and earrings as pendants on my necklaces.

Now my hobby is a business. Every necklace I design is unique and one of a kind. Quite a few are made with freshwater pearls, one of my favorite gemstones.

The name of my shop comes from my two favorites: color-Pink, flower-Daffodil.

I hope you enjoy browsing around my shop and find that one of a kind jewelry which catches your eye.


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