Hi Everyone!

No one told me when I first started out that I need a mission statement and should who my audience was. So instead I did things backwards and by trial and error.

1. Made a lot of jewelry for fun

2. Decided to sell the jewelry

3. Set up an online shop on Etsy without doing any research. Did not realize what I was in for!

4. Began selling at craft fairs that were the wrong fit

5. Became part of a local crafters Facebook group where I met a lot of local vendors and learned about the ins and outs of local craft fairs

6. Booked fairs for crafters only, learned which were a good fit and which weren't. Set reminders for booking fairs in 2020.

7. Then the pandemic hit and I was dependent on my Etsy shop which had dismal sales.

8. Paid for an online Photography course and learned that my cell phone was sufficient if I did a better job at editing. 

9. Read a lot about Etsy and using SEO on Etsy. Made a lot of tweeks and still am making tweeks.

10. Finally sat down to decide who I think my ideal customer is.

Truthfully, I could not figure out who my ideal customer was before I began selling. Women are fickle and so are trends. My jewelry is one of a kind and if a style is attracting notice, I will make more. If it gets overlooked, I don't make more. This goes against the rules of business. And that is probably why my business needs an overhaul!

Until next time,